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  • Vancouver Educational Article of the Month - What are some ways to kill a wild Vancouver animal in the yard?

What are some ways to kill a wild Vancouver animal in the yard?

If you have a wild Vancouver animal roaming free in your yard and it is a threat to your safety or health, immediately call an animal control officer. Many are employed as law enforcement and specialize in animal control.

Depending on the Washington animal in question, you may find ways to eliminate critters on your own if the circumstances allow. Old wives' tales, or common sense, dictate that if you have a mouse problem and are allowed to have a cat, the cat can take care of the mice. Cats don't need to be hungry to catch mice. Their instincts and habits encourage them to catch mice to hone their hunting skills. It is sport. Seeing how domesticated cats enjoy rewards and recognition for their work, getting a cat for mouse elimination may not be your best course of action, or the most sanitary one, if you do not desire your cat to proudly present you with a mouse corpse, especially since cats have been known to skin mice alive for fun. There is also the question of disease or poison. If your cat is catching disease or poisoned mice, they are at risk of carrying diseases or being poisoned themselves.

Vancouver birds are much easier to take care of if the situation calls for it. While it may seem counterintuitive, a birdfeeder placed away from the house will encourage the birds to relocate closer to the food source. If there are many small birds in a single location, the gathering will attract larger birds of prey that also eat small rodents and snakes, thus reducing the risk of pests in your house.

For someone living on a larger plot of land there are other options. A fence and a large Wshington dog or two will usually keep a bobcat or coyote out since bobcats are shy and can be content to eat mice and coyotes hunt in packs, usually needing range to lure anything as big as a dog. If you live in a place where your chickens or livestock might be exposed to such creatures, there is usually an ecosystem already in place to provide plenty of food for the wild animals that don't involve your domesticated ones, provided you take the right countermeasures, including fences, chicken coops, guard dogs, etc. Wild animals will not take unnecessary risks if they don't have to.

For larger Vancouver animals, one may be permitted to use a gun in more rural areas depending on the animal and county laws. Endangered species, for instance, are never okay to deal with on your own. If you are not sure about the legality of killing the animal in question or your ability to do so without unnecessary pain and suffering to the animal, DO NOT take measures into your own hands.

Your local Washington animal control professional is trained in handling wild animals and may even be able to relocate a nuisance animal. While it can be legal to kill a wild animal in your yard, there are many factors that can make doing so an unnecessarily difficult or inhumane process. Allowing a professional animal control officer to handle the matter for you will expedite the process and keep it safe and humane.

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